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Brickanoid Ultima versione 2.0

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Brickanoid - Il classico gioco arcade ritorna con una veste completamente nuova

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Want to enjoy hours of fun with your PC? Want to make mincemeat of boredom? The Brickanoid arcade game is here.
The gameplay is addictive and is back with new and improved graphics to take advantage of modern technologies. Watch your screen come alive as you play the game and demolish bricks with superb reflexes and finesse. Sharpen your reflexes; get the best High Score for bragging rights. Its hours of fun for family and friends.
The game’s objective - Destroy bricks and chip away at the Boss. Get the rid of the icy bricks, deal damage to the Boss that awaits you at the end of every level. Once you defeat the boss, you advance to the next stage with increased difficulty. Brickanoid challenges you to improve your skills gradually.
The classic Brickanoid has enjoyed success in more than 30 countries. And now, with the new version, expect Brickanoid-mania to hit an all-time high. Its free, fun and most of all, it is a game that just begs to be played repeatedly. The game features no big learning curve, making it the ultimate casual game. It may be easy and simple to play but hard to master. It’s an all-ages game with excellent sound effects. Get it today.


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Valutazione:6 (Users47)
Classificato in Giochi Arcade:218
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Dimensione del File:8.80 MB
Ultimo aggiornamento:13/3/2006
Sistema operativo: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95
Lingue: Inglese
Produttore:Sergei Savchenko
Numero di download (in italiano):142
Numero di download (in tutto il mondo):2,497


Nome Sviluppatore: Sergei Savchenko
Numero di programmi di Sergei Savchenko: 1

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